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Organic Nipple Cream

Organic Nipple Cream



Breastfeeding can be a challenge and often painful in those first few weeks while you and your baby are learning this new skill. But we got you!

This best-selling Organic Nipple Cream doesn’t just lubricate, it actually heals! We’ve included healing herbs that promote quick regeneration of the skin. These pure, edible, and organic ingredients are safe for you and your baby so you can use freely. This product contains NO LANOLIN or PETROLEUM.


  • heals cracks, bleeding, chafing, and bruising due to the learning phase of breastfeeding
  • brings healing and can reduce pain
  • antibacterial

Instructions for Use: Apply after feedings while in the learning phase of breastfeeding. Use when nipple tissues are in need of care and healing. Use for pumping comfort. (A wonderful chapstick and diaper rash cream too.)

Ingredients: olive oil, *shea butter, *calendula flowers, *marshmallow root & *beeswax
*organic ingredient

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