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Let it Flow Lactation Tincture

Let it Flow Lactation Tincture



Our Let It Flow Lactation Tincture is a powerful and effective herbal remedy that supports healthy milk production and can increase milk supply. You need to have milk for breastfeeding success!

What makes Baby Nest’s formula different is our formula is FENUGREEK FREE, which makes our recipe safer for mothers with heart issues, blood sugar, or thyroid health histories. 

Instructions: Before Birth Instructions: Create more milk glands and encourage a successful start to breastfeeding. 
Take 2 droppersful daily in water or juice in your 3rd Trimester
After Birth Instructions:
To sustain a healthy milk supply, take 1 dropperful daily in water or juice.
To increase milk supply when production is low, take 2 droppersful 3 times daily in water or juice.
Results are typically seen after 3-5 days of this tincture

Ingredients: *goat’s Rue, *nettle Leaf, *red Raspberry Leaf, *dandelion Leaf, *blessed Thistle, *fennel seed, *marshmallow root, 100 proof vodka
*organic Ingredient

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