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What other people are saying about Strong Tummies’ Core Rehabilitation and Prenatal Services

“I am so pleased that I challenged myself to do the Tupler technique, and so blessed that I had Cheryl to guide me through the process.  I truly believe that all health professionals ought to know about diastasis recti as it goes beyond vanity and can truly impact the health and lifestyle of a person.”  

Local Illinois Healthcare Professional (and former Diastasis Recti sufferer!!)

“I would encourage anyone, and I mean ANYONE of ANY age to commit to this program for your own well-being and strength.  11 years ago I was paralyzed and fought my way back to being able to walk by faithfully following my doctors’ and physical therapists’ instructions.  This is no different.  And the core strength that I’ve gained from Cheryl’s instruction has helped me with some residual problems that I still experience from that auto-immune disorder.  It is worth the time commitment big-time!  I’d also strongly suggest that anyone new to the program set up some sessions with Cheryl.  My exercise time would not have been nearly as fruitful since my technique was not correct. I am still startled every time I look down and don’t see what I’ve lived with my entire adult life.” 

Former Lifetime Diastasis Recti patient in her 60’s.

Make Sure Your Rehab Practitioner has extensive training Specifically in Diastasis Rehab and Prenatal Education

Only those that have been certified in helping people with a Diastasis Recti will know the right way to do things.  Insist on it before beginning your journey.

Please Note:  A diastasis can be closed at any time.  It does not matter when you had your baby or even if you have had a baby at all!  Closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue.  All results vary and everyone’s connective tissue heals at a different rate and depends on many factors such as the “condition” of your connective tissue to start with, as well as the size of the diastasis (separation) and the consistency and completion of the 4-step program.  The weaker your connective tissue and the larger the diastasis,the longer it may take to heal.  Also, the connective tissue on people who have stretch marks will take longer to heal.  So don’t delay – start today.  The pictures here are pictures of real people just like you.