Treatment for Diastasis Integrated Core Rehabilitation
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Core Foundations – Integrated, Functional Core Rehabilitation (To obtain Functional Core Weakness and/or including Diastasis Recti)

Dealing with Chonic Back Pain? Hip, knee, neck? Feel weak in your core but nothing seems to work? Postpartum? Once we have a baby we are always Postpartum! And if we don’t resolve our body issues such as feelings of core weakness, chronic back problems (either lower or upper), outie belly button, diastasis, GI issues, or even “a little” leakage when we cough or sneeze, they will only get worse. We have answers as our bodies are designed to heal after birth and be strong and functional again – but too many of us don’t know how to get there.

Tried things like hard core exercise programs including crunches, planks, burpees and don’t get stronger, but in fact feel worse? We have answers, you need to find out how our bodies are made to work and integrate functional rehab into our lives.

During sessions you will learn a ton about your body: Anatomy, function, alignment/posture, how to breathe, move, exercise, use your core functionally and integrated in all you do. Your success is our success and we want to walk side by side with you on this journey!

The program consists of 3 to 5 sessions (usually 3 or 4), 2 to 3 weeks apart so you are not coming every week – nor for a long period of time.

Strong Tummies’ training is not gender specific! You do not have to be a woman or have been through a pregnancy to have a “mummy tummy” or belly bulge.  We have many men clients who succeed well and heal!

Call 847-420-9764 with questions or to schedule a session (or a 15 minutes consult).

Prenatal Core Preparations

Core Rehab is not just for Postpartum! Come and learn just how important a strong core is for the rest of your pregnancy… and how that can help during labor and delivery.

  • The importance of core strength during pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • What is Optimal Fetal Alignment, and how can Core Rehab help?
  • Can a diastasis affect not only your pregnancy, but also your labor and delivery?
  • What is your core? Your Transverse Abdominal muscle?
  • Splinting during pregnancy? When, why and how.

Initial 15-Minute Tummy Diastasis/Check/Consult

At this session we will check for a diastasis, a functionally weak core or measure the distance between your Abdominal muscles and then discuss your options. $15.00

Fee Session Schedule:

Initial Consultation (60 Minutes) $100.00

Subsequent Sessions (45 Minutes) $75.00

Phone Consultation 30 minutes $45.00

Skype Sessions (60 Minutes) $100.00

Are you a Doula, Midwife, Chiropractor and Want to Learn How to Check your Patients?

Give me a call and schedule your free consultation to learn the proper technique to check their tummies and help them on the road to recovery!

Mom’s Groups

We love to speak to Moms and share the information we have learned internationally about prenatal and postpartum bodies. Weak cores and Diastasis go hand in hand with chronic back pain, gastrointestinal problems, and incontinence can be strengthened – and crunches and sit-ups are not the answer (in fact, can make our “mummy tummies” worse). Give us a call to schedule today!

Group Tummy Checks

If you have a group of friends or coworkers and would like to arrange a quick Belly Check at your home or office, please contact StrongTummies and we will accommodate you!

Core Rehab… and More

To Be Determined (Affiliated with a studio or Group? We would love to personally treat your group at your own location!)

For more information or to register email [email protected] or call 847-420-9764

A 5-week class for any Mom in her 4th trimester (in other words… any woman who has born a child!)

Recently Postpartum Moms build a foundation before you go back to your regular exercises classes, planks, machines.

After the marathon of labor … your doctor has released you.  Now what?  You don’t feel the same … you don’t look the same …  the world tells you that you should be Super Woman up and start working out like pre-pregnancy, immediately, but you sense that your body may not be quite ready.

Postpartum Moms from 20+ year ago – you know you have a weak core but don’t know how to workout properly. You have back pain; GI issues; hip, knee or pelvic pain, this class is for you too! You may have never fully recovered from childbirth because you never had the correct tools!

You are correct that something’s just not right – listen to your body!  Come learn how to bridge that workout gap and get ready for your workouts safely but with great inner strength.  Deep Core strength. Learn how to re-engage your core after your baby in everything you do, with good alignment and strong ab work.  Not crunches, which will just make that remaining baby pooch worse, but ab work that will strengthen the whole “true core” canister in your body so that it will hold up to great workouts at the gym or outside!

But more than that, this is not an exercise class, but rehabilitation and education…. We explore anatomy and learn about “true” core and what that is, diastasis, the pelvic floor, and incontinence and how it is all linked.  Do you leak when you laugh or sneeze…do you know why or that it may be “common” but not “normal”?  You don’t have to live that way!!

What to expect from this class:  Education, Anatomy, Awareness.  How to strengthen your whole core together as a unit.  Build a strong foundation from the inside out.  This class might not make you sweat… but it will teach you mind and body connection that you can use so that you can go back to the gym and sweat with the best!

This is a women only, adult only class. Classes are only 1 hour for 5 weeks on Saturdays to accommodate new nursing mothers and babies.

Don’t think you have to wait until you are done having children before you Rehab your Core – Give us a call and set up a time to begin now!

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