Treatment for Diastasis Integrated Core Rehabilitation
Eating Well During Core Rehabilitation

Eating Well During Core Rehabilitation

Spaghetti – Salads – Brats – Apple Pie – Sub Sandwiches

Everyone’s eating style is different. We each love special foods that speak to our gender, ethnicity and even our religion. Food is a tool of pleasure and of nutrition.

So why is it so important to eat nutritional foods while rehabbing your core?

Not only are you building your core’s strength but also its natural defenses for health and well-being. Eating correctly will ensure necessary nutrients that are needed for recovery. The muscles of the core will then have the tools it needs for proper growth and repair.

So many people want you to just pop a vitamin pill and all will be good. But I believe that natural foods are a much better source for nutritional needs. One of our favorite ways is to plant our own garden. We have two raised plots at our home that include beans, peas, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, beets, onions, broccoli, kale and squash.

The kids love to help and will eat what they are picking. A unique way to give the kids their own garden is to take an old plastic pool that toddlers use, put some holes in the bottom and fill with dirt. Then the kids plant what they want (beans and lettuce work great). Let them be in charge of watering and picking. Any container will work – get creative.

Of course, as you work in the garden, remember to properly use your core as you keep your posture correct. Try not to bend over too much, but use the squat, kneel, and keep your rib cage aligned over your pelvis as much as possible while using your breath properly to engage the core while doing your gardening.

Summer is here, so enjoy some of your time gardening and eating nutritionally while healing your core.