Cheryl Mostowski of Strong Tummies is proud to be recognized as a professional trained in the Tummy Team Core Rehabilitation approach to help men and women restore their core, relieve pain and reclaim their true life.

Unfortunately, functional core weakness is an epidemic in our culture. Without the proper core strength or stability, the body compensates in harmful ways – resulting in physical and internal health issues. 

The Tummy Team’s approach combines neuromuscular re-education, postural correction, biomechanics and functional rehabilitation to rebuild your internal core strength. We then train you to use that new foundational strength in everything you do so you can live a pain-free and empowered life.

One of the many passions of Kelly Dean, MPT and The Tummy Team has always been to share knowledge and improve core rehabilitation treatment options worldwide. Their desire is to provide comprehensive education and then encourage practitioners as they walk the client through the whole core rehab experience as done at The Tummy Team in Camas, Washington. This training supports that approach by providing the Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™ with all the resources to be effective. In the end, their hope is to provide valuable education that will improve the global need for core rehabilitation specialists, as well as improve the standard of practice when addressing diastasis recti and other needs of the core. As such, Cheryl has:

1.  Personally studied and completed The Tummy Team Core Foundations Program, thus fully understanding the process, benefits and the unique challenges of their approach first hand.

2.  Completed the Comprehensive Core 1 class and passed the comprehensive exam thereafter.

3.  Personally flew out to Camas, Washington, to shadow Kelly Dean to learn Kelly’s methods and problem solve case studies. It is important for the Tummy Team to be confident that they are represented well and Cheryl is proud that her skills are consistent with all Tummy Team Trained Practitioners™. 

4.  Completed the Importance of Core Strength in the Prenatal and Postpartum Client when Cheryl co-hosted Kelly at a Professional Development Course in Elgin, Illinois.

As a Tummy Team Clinician, we also have access to a private clinician forum to ask questions and collaborate with other specialists on case studies and receive ongoing further training.  There are ongoing quarterly interactive online professional training webinars with Kelly Dean, MPT and ongoing support from The Tummy Team staff.