I had a lovely workout Monday with the fabulous Cheryl Mostowski of Strong Tummies. I must brag on her for a moment. Back in 2013 I went to see her because I had this football size bulge in my abdomen and i googled it, came up with DR so I googled DR fixing in my area and there popped up her website. my first visit I was in tears I was strong physically but so weak in my core and causing more damage than I realized, my TA didn’t even engage and I couldn’t feel anything. She is the kindest, gentlest, lover of Mama’s and encouraged me she could help me. I went home with a splint and instructions on how to breathe and homework to try and wake up my TA. It hasn’t been a quick journey tho my TA did wake up quicker than I thought. So for the last 3 years I’ve had check ups and Monday I saw her convinced I was separated again. She told me I’m not and she used the word “solid”! what?!? so happy!! she then put me through an awesome workout and helped me find some weak spots to work on. If you’re anywhere in Northern Illinois and want a great Tummy Team certified specialist Cheryl is your gal!! Thanks Cheryl! 

Lovely Postpartum Mama…2017

Testimony from Core Rehab… and More

at Radiant Heart Yoga, Dundee Illinois

“Core Rehab was a revelation in how simple breathing techniques can help us to reconnect with our bodies and use our muscles more efficiently. Every time I felt a part of my body that I hadn’t felt before, I felt empowered and excited! I feel stronger and more connected and am slowly healing my diastasis. I was told I would need surgery to close an umbilical hernia. Thanks to this class and the exercises, I can hopefully close the gap by strengthening my muscles and eliminate the need for surgery.

..Jessie, Core Rehab, Spring, 2016

I definitely learned A LOT more that I thought I would. I was encouraged to take this class by a friend but I had no idea what I was in for! I thought it would be a few exercises and a little info on how to rebuild your core. I was so surprised (and grateful!) to learn such a vast amount of info on such a critical topic! I never knew I was missing so much essential knowledge 🙁 I wish I had access to this info a long time ago– preferably before I became pregnant (with my first) and definitely during my pregnancy.

Fall, 2016

Cheryl’s PostPartum Core Rehab and More Class is a MUST TAKE class for all new moms. The information shared is enlightening and empowering–not only in postpartum but for the rest of our lives! It is truly amazing how I was able to heal the diastasis I didn’t even know I had (probably from my first pregnancy!) in 5 weeks. Even after doing the exercises for a week, I could already feel a difference! My only wish is that I had access to this amazing information and instructor earlier. The class notes, handouts, and exercises provided are an amazing resource that

I know I will refer to for years to come. Thank you Cheryl!!

Fall, 2016

Testimony from around the world!

One of the blessing of being a Tupler Licensee is that I meet and work with people all over the world! Wanted to share a great testimony from a Mom in Poland that has become my friend – she agree to share so that she could be an encouragement to others!


“Hello Cheryl, My diastasis history;-) after the first baby, as far as I can remember, my diastasis was about 4-5 fingers in the middle and around 2-3 3 inches above. After 1 year I got to 1 finger diastasis in the middle and I got pregnant my 2nd, i.e. 1 year and 5 months after the first childbirth. So I started with 1 finger in the middle in October 2014. I could not practice until the 4th month, because I had terrible nausea, I lost 4 kilos within 2 months and I was too weak to do anything. I started exercising again in the middle of the 4th month and kept exercising more less every day until the second childbirth – I tried to do Kegels and contractions at least twice a day and TT 30min program every second day, in between I did 30min yoga program (easy stretching and few strengthening poses). I felt fantastic till the last day of my pregnancy. The day I gave birth my diastasis was 4 fingers in the middle and 2 above. The same day I started doing Kegels again and transverse contractions (1 set = 10holds and 10 contraction of Kegel muscle after that 100 transverse contractions). 2 sets 6-8 times a day and night. When I left the hospital on the 4th day my tummy was already flat. One week after giving birth nobody could say I was pregnant and everybody was looking at me with astonishment. 4 weeks after giving birth my diastasis is 2 fingers in the middle and I think 1 finger above, but very very shallow. Today I did my first TT program 30 min session.

I had urine leakage in my 9th month, but only when I coughed or sneezed or laughed too much… After giving birth no urine leakage at all! 4 weeks after giving birth I can wear all the clothes I wore before getting pregnant. I know that my skin needs much more help to get to the let’s say ‘acceptable shape’, but I feel really good (I have a bit too little sleep, but breastfeeding is challenging and I knew that;-).” A-8-2015

So Moms, don’t be discouraged or put it off!  Don’t wait until after you are “done having babies” … start now and if you have another baby your body will be ready!

Rehab From the Inside Out!  

Testimonial from recent Postpartum Core Rehab and More taught at Radiant Heart Yoga, Dundee, Illinois:  

If you want to get fit post baby, your first stop isn’t the gym…It’s Cheryl and the postpartum core rehab class. Seriously. I am a runner and am generally active, so I thought I was in the know on how to get back into shape. There was so much more for me to learn.

Thanks to Cheryl learning how to take care of my body the healthy way was easy. It isn’t about crunches, people!!. Her classes, amongst amazing moms, were a calming sanctuary where we could share, vent, laugh and learn. After each class and facebook private page post, the group’s support made me feel strong both physically and mentally. Plus, it helped serve as a safe place to just be away from a hectic home for an hour and relearn how to do some self care post baby.

Because of Cheryl’s class my back pain has reduced. I know exactly how to strengthen my core and pelvic floor. I can return to the gym and confidently know which exercises are safe and which ones to avoid. I feel much more comfortable in knowing my anatomy and how to keep myself from ever having to cut out a coupon for Depends diapers one day.

Cheryl provides a place for safe sharing and real tools that actually improve your health, avoid injuries, and help towards dropping inches off your waist. No gimmicks. No big time commitments. Expect an abundance of support with lots of smiles and “aha’s” along the way.

Cheryl is an expert and has a real gift. I am thankful to be her student.

(Click here for more information on the class)

SL 2015

Job Well Done!

This Mom (below) came for sessions three weeks apart with a dramatic change.  She “did the work”… exercised, wore the splint, woke up her transverse and her body transformed from the inside out!!  Here’s her testimony in her own words:

“I have always have always been very dedicated to health and fitness my entire life…  After 2 c-sections, I was determined to get my midsection back in shape and figured that hard work would pay off.  After 15 months of hard work and very little results, I started researching tummy tucks out of sheer frustration and disappointment but that’s when I found Strong Tummies and Cheryl.

In 3 weeks, I have been able to get my innie back and close my 3 finger diastisis but more importantly relieve chronic constipation, improve hip and back pain and get the posture I have always wanted to have… All through the simple exercises and wearing the Tupler splint day and night.
I wish that ob/gyn’s were educated on pelvic health. I can’t believe I had no idea this method existed. I love my results and wish that every new mom had the education of how to recover and transition back to her old self… Or in my case a better self!”

DSC03025  DSC03044DSC03030  DSC03047


Another Consistent Mom

After 2 weeks…she was dedicated… she “confessed” she missed two sets of exercises on one day… other than that she followed her Program exactly and the results show (and no weight loss).

Please don’t get discouraged … you can have progress too…. yours may not be as dramatic, but it may be!


3/17/2014  3-3-1   Very Deep    Outie Belly button!  37.5″ Belly; 33″ Waist



4/1/2014  1-1.5-0   Shallow, Medium, Shallow, Innie Belly button! 34-1/2″ Belly; 32″ Waist



You Can Heal your Diastasis – It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, you just need motivation and consistency!!

As long as I can remember, I have had a diastisis recti as an adult.  At the time of my wedding in 1974 I had lost weight due to nerves and looked cadaverous, but I still had a protruding belly.  After bearing three children and carrying my pregnancies all out front (I’m short waisted), I very definitely had a mummy tummy and nothing I did, no exercises, no amount of weight loss seemed to make a difference including 5 months of pelvic physical therapy with a hand-held splint in which my separation closed one fingers’ width but would budge no further.

In April my chiropractic neurologist suggested that I try the Tupler Techniqe.  His wife had just begun the program herself after the birth of their 2nd child. 

At 62 ½, I was skeptical about achieving the promised results.  The DVD cover says “For moms of any age – no matter when you had a baby,” but my last baby was born 29 ½ years ago.  I really didn’t believe it in my heart, but I speculated that even if I didn’t lose my mummy tummy, the exercises alone would be good for my health.  I decided to commit to the program 100%.

Fortunately I live within an hour’s drive Cheryl strictly due to the fact that she was closer to my age and might be a bit more understanding and I also was drawn to her from her personal information on the website.  I’m so very thankful I did that because Cheryl helped correct my technique errors, was able to accurately assess the width and depth of my separation (it was hard to do on my own), provided additional exercise information and was encouraging throughout the program.  

On my second visit to Cheryl 4+ weeks into the program, as she was assessing my progress she exclaimed, “You have definition!”  Still makes me smile when I recall that and it was exactly what I needed to give me the impetus to keep at it.

By 11 weeks, my diastases had completely closed!  My waist is 3” smaller than when I began (I have simultaneously lost 6 pounds due to being on a low carb diet by doctor’s orders, but that small amount wouldn’t create these results.)  I now wear I size I have NEVER worn in my entire life although I weigh approximately what I always weighed during the 25+ years I reared my children.  Amazing!

I would encourage anyone, and I mean ANYONE of ANY age to commit to this program for your own well-being and strength.  11 years ago I was paralyzed and fought my way back to being able to walk by faithfully following my doctors’ and physical therapists’ instructions.  This is no different.  And the core strength that I’ve gained from following the Tupler exercises has helped me with some residual problems that I still experience from that auto-immune disorder.  It is worth the time commitment big-time!  I’d also strongly suggest that anyone new to the program set up some sessions with a professional who is licensed in the Tupler program.  My exercise time would not have been nearly as fruitful since my technique was not correct.

I am still startled every time I look down and don’t see what I’ve lived with my entire adult life.  Thanks, Julie!  Thanks, Cheryl! 

SB, August, 2013



WEEK 1: 3-4-2 separation; 33″ Belly; 28.5″ Waist            After WEEK 3:  2-2-1.5 separation; 30.5″ Belly; 27″ Waist



Very athletic… very motivated client… three weeks!!

Remember that not everyone’s diastasis looks or heals the same, so these pictures are only examples and will vary from you!  Don’t delay – start today so you can have your own pictures and story of success.



Week 1 at 3.5-5-5.5; 36″ BB; 30.5″ Waist                                         Week 6 at 2-2-2; 33″BB, 28.5″ Waist



WOW!  I know this may come across as hokey, but I am truly amazed at how fast I saw/felt the results.  My oldest child is 6 ½ years old, and after the birth of her, my stomach was definitely not the same.  I am in the healthcare field and knew immediately I had diastasis recti.  However, my mom has had it since the birth of me….soooo….what could really be done???  Thankfully by the time my eldest was two, my stomach had rebounded quite a bit and it was “ok”.  Fast forward five years later after the birth of my second child.  Unfortunately, my stomach was not rebounding.  I am thin by nature and my stomach would pouch a lot depending on my time of the month or if I had to go to the bathroom….there was just no way to suck my organs in.  In addition, my skin below my belly button just felt “gross”, it was not the normal tone and texture of the rest of my skin.  I was literally touching my organs!!!  Ick!!! 

Through internet research I came across Cheryl, however, I was skeptical.  I thought that being in healthcare, I could “fix it” myself.  Despite my recent knowledge acquired on the internet, I decided to ignore it all.  Thus, even though I read that you were not suppose to be in prone or quadruped positions, I found myself still exercising in those very positions.  It was approximately 9 weeks into the Insanity workout I had to come clean with myself.  Everything was getting stronger, but my stomach was just mushier.  I was so discouraged and I remembered that many of the strength positions I was doing was a direct contraindication to diastasis recti.  I did my research again and thankfully by the grace of God there was Cheryl just a few miles from my house.  I really needed her to do the measurements, because just lightly touching my stomach was super gross to me.  As it turned out my diastasis recti was very deep at all three locations (oh joy, I’m sure I had made it worse with all my recent intense working out). 

I decided that this was an investment to me, my kids, and my future.  I was really committed.  I must admit that wearing the binder the first three days was ridiculously uncomfortable and I nagged to anyone who would listen.  What got me through it was looking at MULTIPLE images of pre/post exercise photos throughout the day.  I vowed to myself that I would put 100% energy into; how else was I going to be able to know if it truly worked?   Then I would be able to tell all my patients about it! Cheryl was incredible during the process and a great source of knowledge.  Fast forward six weeks and I had lost 2 inches in my waist and 3 inches around my umbilicus (and I am binder-free!)     As a side note, I actually like the binder now and still wear it with every workout and a few times a week at work.  

Strong Tummies Note:  Thank you for sharing.  You see patients and the results of diastasis and subsequent healing through Core Rehabilitation with Strong Tummies.  Your words will encourage many to pursue the path of naturally and holistically healing their body! 


Encouragement from a new success story!

Hi Cheryl, I wanted to thank you so much. I’ve only been doing your exercises for 6 days now but my stomach is already almost back to being totally flat again! I’m 8 months postpartum with twins and also have a 3 year old daughter and I had a pretty severe diastasis. I have been trying so many different exercises but nothing was working. My self-esteem was at an all time low because I didn’t feel confident anymore. I had pretty much given up hope and decided to try you as my last resort and I am so happy that I did! I have been doing the exercises diligently and wearing the splint 24 hours a day and have seen more progress in these past 6 days than I have in the entire past 8 months. My waist has shrunk by 2 inches – totally amazing. I’m just so happy and wanted to say thank you again. I will definitely refer the you to anyone I know who is suffering from diastasis. 
All the best!

A Picture is worth a 1000 words!

These are three images of one client – approximately 6 weeks apart.  As you can see on the far left, she had a protruding belly button as well as looking very pregnant – about 2 months post-partum!  Now, six weeks later, the belly button is back as an “innie” rather than an “outie” and the abdominals are beginning to hold her organs back in place.

               October 30                               November 9                                   December 10

Here are the front views of the same client:

As you can see, the belly was very stretched out in the first and as time goes on and the belly goes back and the abdominals close, the belly is no longer taut and tight; and you can see the belly button going back in as well.

Great Job – You Stayed the Course!

Client 3008 started in November with a 12-14-12!  I must admit I was apprehensive for her since i knew it would take motivation to keep going … especially during the Christmas season.  And although she stopped the exercises during the holidays, and didn’t come back for two months – she came back to the program with consistence and the results show in her 3-3-1 healing of her diastasis!  She still has a bit to go, but back pain is gone; the umbilical hernia is gone; and she no longer looks 7-8 months pregnant!  Shows hard work really pay off.


From 12-14-12 and Very Deep Connective Tissue; Umbilical Hernia (No more “outie” belly button!)

To 3-3-1 finger separation and Shallow, Medium, and Shallow Connective tissue with no Umbilical Hernia.

Client 3020 Showed the Same Success!

 Here she is at 3-1/2 – 4 – 3, with Deep Connective tissue and an “outtie” belly button 

Today at 2-2-1 separation (considered healed) with Shallow, Medium, and Shallow Connective tissue – and look at that belly button – no more internal organs pushing it out, but support with her strong abs!!

Success with your help during Pregnancy!

I had never heard of diastisis recti. What I did know about is horrible torso and back pain during my second pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester and about 6 months afterwards. With my third baby, the pain set in at month four.  I despaired, thinking I would never make it to month nine—just walking was terribly painful, slow, and awkward. Once again, doctors told me there was nothing I could do about it except take painkillers for it throughout the pregnancy. I believe in the power of prayer, though, and kept praying for some genuine relief. It came.

One day, as I waddled/limped/staggered gingerly into a big room to attend a women’s event, Cheryl approached me out of the crowd and asked me about my issues—noticing that I was in rough shape. She knew exactly what my problem was and how to fix it. You can imagine how surprised, thankful, and relieved I was to have her diagnose the diastisis and to be able to start the rehab program immediately—while still pregnant! Right away, Cheryl gave me the rehab splint which provided nearly instant relief as well as a surge of new hope. After the first 2 weeks of the “strong tummies” program, I felt so much stronger, “contained”, and looked better too. I could walk again! I was amazed at how simple the exercises were and how quickly I saw and felt results. The 9th month of pregnancy actually feels good! I am even looking forward to having an easier time in labor because my “pushing” muscle is so much stronger and the organs are now properly aligned for birth. I love knowing that we do not have to live with the pain, aggravation, and consequences of a diastasis—we can have strong tummies!

Cheryl is a gifted teacher who cares deeply for her clients. She provides clear and encouraging instruction while being highly attentive to individual needs. As I am ordinarily not a person who is big into exercise routines, Cheryl was immensely helpful in keeping me motivated, consistent, and made my sessions with her something I really looked forward to. What an answer to prayer she is for me! 


Please Note:  A diastasis can be closed at any time.  It does not matter when you had your baby or even if you have had a baby at all!  Closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue.  But everyone’s connective tissue heals at a different rate and depends on many factors such as the “condition” of your connective tissue to start with, as well as the size of the diastasis (separation).  The weaker your connective tissue and the larger the diastasis,the longer it may take to heal.  Also, the connective tissue on people who have stretch marks will take longer to heal.  So don’t delay – start today!


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