Treatment for Diastasis Integrated Core Rehabilitation
Category: <span>Postpartum</span>

Category: Postpartum

The Real Skinny on a Postpartum Belly

Yesterday a beautiful lady came into my office having delivered her 3rd baby just 12 weeks ago.  She was lamenting that her belly isn’t flattening like her last two pregnancies.  She said a friend had told her she still looked pregnant.  After some tears on her part, and hand-holding on …

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When Another’s Words Speaks Volumes

by Cheryl She came privately to me in 2013.  She was about one year postpartum from her first child.  She was a very busy working mom who didn’t take time for herself.  After doing a complete evaluation I found her diastasis was extremely deep and her spirit was completely broken. …

Ignoring Abdominal Separation and/or Pelvic Floor Issues

Are there risks if I ignore my abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues? In a word, yes.  Our core works together as a piston system from the bottom up – all parts must work to be fully functional. If one muscle of that core is not working, weak, dysfunctional or …