Why Spanx or Other Shapewear Can’t Heal The Core

You’re excited because you are going out for a night on the town.  You pull out the perfect outfit and then realize that your postpartum body just doesn’t fit in it quite the same.  That beautiful little black dress would look so perfect if you just reach for a Spanx or other shapewear to pull […]

Best Anti-Aging Formula Ever

The Best Anti-Aging Secrets 47 Best Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams Resetting the Aging Clock Who hasn’t at one time or another looked at the anti-aging ads or read stories how this cream, or that diet is an anti-aging miracle?  But what if I could give you a formula that is guaranteed to make your life easier […]

Traditions of the Season

I was reading a blog by Inspired by Lucile called “12 Christmas Traditions To Start Today.”  It made me think of the traditions that we already have in place within our family.  The first weekend of December we have all the grand kids over for arts, crafts, cooking and a sleep over.  While my husband […]

A Light In A Child’s Eye

The eyes of a child are so expressive.  They haven’t had the experience to put on a mask so they are able to show delight, anger and even hunger with just a look. Just think of a child whose family is in crisis right now.  These children are just wondering if they are going to […]

What Happens During Childbirth

I am often asked by my soon-to-be first time moms what will be happening when they give birth.  I explain based on my two births but sometimes someone comes up with a great explanation that is so amazing.  The video I’m going to show you is just that.   Liz Chalmers, co-owner of Puget Sound […]

The Real Skinny on a Postpartum Belly

Yesterday a beautiful lady came into my office having delivered her 3rd baby just 12 weeks ago.  She was lamenting that her belly isn’t flattening like her last two pregnancies.  She said a friend had told her she still looked pregnant.  After some tears on her part, and hand-holding on my part we got down […]

Postpartum Core Rehab Class

You have had a baby and you are ready to start exercising again.  Help your body to heal and recover from your pregnancy while making your core stronger.  Our Postpartum Core Rehab Class will begin on January 13, 2018 and continue for 5 weeks until February 10, 2018.  It will be held at OHMmother Yoga […]

Cyber Monday Super Sales

These Don’t-Miss sales are going on right now from our wonderful friends.  Some prices will be going up next year so stop by and get the savings now. Click Here to go to Fit2B Sale       Click Here to go to The Tummy Team Sale      

Happy Thanksgiving

  Dear Strong Tummies, I am excited whenever Thanksgiving is here. It is a perfect time to thank everyone, including you, our customers!  Thank you for believing in our products and services, making our business thrive.  Our only goal is to help you in your health journey. Clearly, I don’t get enough time to personally […]

When Another’s Words Speaks Volumes

by Cheryl She came privately to me in 2013.  She was about one year postpartum from her first child.  She was a very busy working mom who didn’t take time for herself.  After doing a complete evaluation I found her diastasis was extremely deep and her spirit was completely broken. I worked with her and […]