Hemorrhoids – what does that have to do with a strong core?

This is one of those topics we don’t like to talk about as adults.  But as mothers we so often have these discussions with our children, and who can be around a 7-year-old boy without poop become a hysterically funny word?  Many of my clients have mentioned that they suffer from hemorrhoids but think that is just normal and there is no way to keep from getting more.  That just couldn’t be further from the truth.

The first way to help you heal and discourage hemorrhoids from happening is a strong core – yes, your transverse abdominals can contribute to the healing of hemorrhoids.   Once your core is no longer weak and ineffective, you can push with those strong abdominals.  While we have been taught to bear down and push, the better way is to relax the pelvic floor as you push from the top down (like a tube of toothpaste) which will allow for easier defecation.  No bearing down means no hemorrhoids.

At first it may feel like rubbing your tummy while patting your head because it is not how we have been taught.  Relaxing our pelvic floor muscles reduces the pressure on them and hemorrhoids at the same time. We always want to be gentle on our pelvic floors so they work for us for the rest of our lives.

In doing my research for my clients, I also found out about a great product called *Squatty Potty.  Their research showed me the position in which you poop matters, who knew?   This Japanese study compared the three positions we use for defecation by measuring abdominal pressure and the anorectal angle simultaneously. It concludes that the greater the hip flexion achieved by squatting, the straighter the rectoanal canal will be, and accordingly, less strain will be required for defecation. This equals less pressure on our pelvic floor, and thus less chance of hemorrhoids.

So, I ordered one and started using it.  I was amazed how much easier it became to poop.  I told clients about it and those that have tried it also have noticed the ease it causes, and the hemorrhoids healed.

These are just two ways you can help prevent or heal hemorrhoids.  Give them a try.  Until next time – we are always here to help make your health the best it can be.


*Click here for a link to a great video explaining this in more detail from our friends at Squatty Potty