I am very excited to be up and running. If you don’t know me or what I do, I call it true “Core” Rehabilitation, focusing mainly on diastasis recti. What is that, you ask? A very common medical condition experienced by women, men, and even children. We all hear about “core” strength all the time – but do we understand the anatomy of our bodies and do we really work them optimally? No! Because we are never taught how – we are bombarded with advertising that promises us things that are not correct. Strong six-pack abs? Yes, but only in coordination with other strong muscles that work with those abs.

Ever heard of your transverse abdominals? Probably not, yet this is a huge muscle that wraps around your entire mid-section. Know how to get them strong? If you’ve never even heard about them, how can you work to make them strong? God has taken me on an amazing journey from the paralegal profession that dealt daily only with black and white issues to four years of training to become a STOTT PILATES® instructor.  I learned about the body which is fluid and moving and made to work in balance and alignment, to focusing on true core strength and natural health and healing, most especially the healing of a condition called Diastasis Recti. I am excited to wake each day to see what He has in store for me walking side by side with people in their healing journeys and am glad to have you share those journeys with me.