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This is our “basic” men’s package with one Diastasis Rehab Splint®, the Diastasis Rehab Say Goodbye to Your Gut Guys® DVD and the Tupler Technique® Guidebook, perfect for any man who has a diastasis recti, which can be caused by doing abdominal exercises incorrectly giving you a “separated six pack,” from a “guy gut” or from any type of abdominal surgery.

You need these three items to get you started with the 4-step Tupler Technique® Program. Simply wearing the splint will not close your diastasis.

The DVD is necessary to learn exercises and the other of the 4 steps of the Program. There is so much information on the DVD that you also need the Tupler Technique® Guidebook to guide you through the program in a simple organized manner. It outlines a summary of the 4 steps and a daily exercise chart progressing over 18 weeks.

Package Price is $40 to $54 ($90 to $94 if purchased separately regular price.)

When to Wear Splint:

24/7, even when you sleep. It can be worn next to the skin or over a fitted undergarment to hold it in place better.

The purpose of the Diastasis Rehab Splint® is to approximate or pull the two halves of the muscles closer together putting them in a better position both to work more effectively and to heal the connective tissue between them when doing the Tupler Technique® exercises.  Wearing the splint will not weaken your muscles as long as you are doing the exercises.

NOTE:  Please limit taking on and off the splint to no more than 3-4 times a day. Continuously pulling the hook velcro off the loop velcro will quickly prevent it from sticking since Velcro does wear out.  The hook part of the velcro takes away the threads on the loop part of the velcro.  So adjust it instead of pulling the hook off the loop.

How to Measure to Determine Size

Measure the circumference of your body over your belly button, preferable in the evening when your belly is the largest with relaxed muscles.  Waist size does not determine belly size.

We also make a Short Torso splint specifically designed for the person with a Small Torso which is 6″ tall and has 2 arms (the original model is 8″ with 3 arms). Measure from the bottom of your ribs to the top of your hips and if you are 6″ or less this splint is for you.

For either of the splints (regular or short torso) look at the chart below for your circumference size. After a couple of weeks of doing the exercises your belly will become smaller and the elastic arms of your splint may stretch and become longer.  Just put a hem in the arms to make them smaller.

*Remember that splints are NOT returnable due to health reasons, so please measure carefully!!

Circumference of your body around your belly button       Size

24” – 27”                                                                                Extra Small

28” – 34”                                                                                Small

35” – 38”                                                                                Medium

39” – 42”                                                                                Large

43” – 46”                                                                                Extra Large

Please remember to Measure carefully as Splints are NOT returnable!

When you order, you will first choose the Size of the Splint, then the Color. That will give you the entire package – the next drop down boxes are Optional if you want to order anything extras.

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