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This two hour DVD will teach you how to prepare for and recover from abdominal surgery with the 4- step research-based Tupler Technique® program. Abdominal surgeries such as hernias, c-sections, and tummy tucks all require stitching which can be pulled apart by continuous tension, force and pressure from the abdominal muscles on them. Learning the Tupler Technique® BEFORE surgery is the missing link to post-surgery recovery and the solution to maintaining the integrity of the stitching. This intra-abdominal pressure can be prevented by using the abdominal muscles correctly. This requires strength, muscle re-education, and practice before surgery to establish “muscle memory” after the surgery when the muscles are numb. Sneezing, coughing, having a bowel movement, getting in and out of bed and lifting are a few of the culprits that wreak havoc on stitches and are activities that must be practiced (using the abdominal muscles correctly) before surgery.

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