“Bladder Leaks – No Biggie”

“A Review of the Best Incontinence Products for Women”

“Independent Living Aids for Incontinence”

These are just 3 headlines that have come out in the last few weeks regarding women’s health.  I’m sure you have seen them too and maybe even read them.  It almost seems like a right of passage – have a baby, have incontinence.

Many of my clients are women ages 25 to 40 and are prenatally or recently postpartum.  One of the first questions I ask them is, “Are you having any incontinence?”

Interestingly they will often mention their grandmother, mother, sister, or aunts at this point.  They will tell me that after their babies, they too had incontinence – it is a genetic thing, all of us women in the family have it.  They believe they have all been doomed to a life of leaking when they cough, sneeze or laugh. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  As women, we do not need to accept incontinence as a byproduct of our babies.  It all comes down to true core strength no matter what age we are. 

True core strength is the combination of transverse abs, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles (and a few others) all working correctly together.  If proper rehabilitation is done, the chances are good you won’t have incontinence.

Is it ever too late to begin? No! Some of our most successful clients are women in their 60’s.  They get fed up with leaking and take the time to get the rehab work done.  Upon exam, we find their tummy muscles may be very weak or even may be separated.  By developing a holistic approach including the back, tummy and pelvic floor we can help eliminate any need for pads or adult diapers.

True integrated core rehabilitation is not rocket science, and in fact makes real sense, we just have to learn how to find, strengthen, rehab, and then integrate our deepest muscles into everything we do in everyday life.  Amazingly to them, when clients are 3 to 4 weeks into the program that they no longer have to cross their legs every time they go to sneeze!  Make incontinence and adult diapers a thing of your past.