Diastasis Rehab Splint®



Do people ask you when you are due …years after your last baby?  

Do you have chronic back pain?  An “outie” belly button?  Told you might have an “umbilical hernia”

Ever been told you have a “diastasis” and have no idea what it is or what do about it? 

Been told your only option is surgery?


You’ve come to the right place – We at Strong Tummies are Core Rehabilitation Specialists that provide individualized training that teaches you how to wake up and strengthen your “true core” and heal a diastasis if you have one.  We don’t want you to have to face surgery with its risks and complications.  And you do not have to go through life with debilitating pain or feeling that your tummy has “failed” you.  Come see us so that we can design a program specifically to meet your needs.


A diastasis can be closed at any time and your core can be strong again.  It does not matter when you had your baby or even if you have had a baby at all since closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue.  Everyone’s connective tissue heals at a different rate and depends on many factors such as the “condition” of your connective tissue as you begin, the size of the diastasis (separation), and the motivation and consistency with which you complete your rehabilitation program.  The weaker your connective tissue and the larger the diastasis,the longer it may take to heal.  Also, the connective tissue on people who have stretch marks will take longer to heal.