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Ab Rehab®, Perfect Pushing®, Say Good-Bye to Your Gut, Guys® and Belly Button Boogie® and 
Rehabilitación de la Diástasis Pierda Su Pancita de Mamita® DVD
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Special 25% off Sale ($22.50) on Corrective Connective Tissue Cream (Reg. $30)



Had a baby recently… or many years ago…

And don’t feel quite “back together” or weak your core? 

Chronic back pain? “Outie” belly button? Been told you have a “diastasis“ 

but have no idea what it is or what do about it? 

Do you “leak” (even a drop) when you cough, laugh, sneeze?   

We are Core Rehabilitation Specialists and provide both individualized training and group classes to teach you how to find, wake up and strengthen your “true core”.  You do not have to go through life with debilitating pain or feeling that your tummy has “failed” you, or leak when you laugh, cough or sneeze.  Come see us so that we can design a program specifically to meet your needs.

If it’s a diastasis, your core can be strong and working again, no matter how long ago you delivered children, or even if you have had a baby at all. Getting a strong core and healing your body is about finding out what caused your weak core in the first place and implementing lifestyle changes and exercises!   If it’s simply a “dysfunctional core”… you can be strong again.  Doctor told you to do “kegels” but no one’s ever actually taught you how?

Leaking – even a drop – May be “common”… but NOT “normal” and if you do …it’s “as good as it’s going to get without intervention…and a sign of a dysfunctional pelvic floor (part of your “true” Core)!   Questions?  Give us a call!  Think this could be your issue?  Come check it out!